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king - tabulate Osipkov-Merritt generalization of King model


king out=out_file [parameter=value] ...


king tabulates an Osipkov-Merritt-King model. The output file, written in binary format, may be used with mkommod(1NEMO) .


The following parameters are recognized:
Write a binary table OsipkovMerrittModel to out_file. No default.
w0=dimensionless central potential
This parameter defines the starting point for the integration of the corresponding differential equations (see King (1966) or Binney & Tremaine (1987)). Default: -1.0.
mass=total mass of system
Used for calculating the real values from the previously computed unscaled model. Default: 1.0.
rc=core radius
The core radius is the scaling parameter for the radius. It is defined as radius at which the surface brightness falls down to half of its initial value. Default: 1.0
nsteps=number of steps
Number of steps to tabulate. Default: 101
epsilon=accuracy for integration
Epsilon is used to define the precision of the numerical integration Default: 1e-6
tab=table filename
If a filename given, the calculated values will also be tabulated in an ASCII-file. If no filename is given, no table is output. Default: no table file.
g=gravitational constant
to create models with physical quantities, set this constant. Default: not used. (as it should be)


the source code may have been lost

See Also

mkommod(1NEMO) , king(1NEMO) , plummer(1NEMO) , tablst(1NEMO) , mkking(1falcON)


Patrick A. Frisch


~/usr/pat    king.c


xx-mar-91    V0.9 Initial coding and testing      PAF
27-jun-97    V1.0 more scaling options, code cleaning for NEMO V2    PJT/JJM

Table of Contents