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snapvirial - scale snapshots while retaining or setting virial ratio


snapvirial in=in_file out=out_file [parameter=value] ...


snapvirial copies an N-body system from in to out, scaling particle qantities such that the virial ratio is either retained or gets a specified value. For a more manual rescale use snapscale(1NEMO) .

The input snapshot must not only contain masses and phase space information, but also potential, as to make the rescaling computation a linear operation. Depending on accuracy needed, a general algorithm as in hackforce(1NEMO) can be used to add potentials and forces to a snapshot.


The following parameters are recognized in order; they may be given in any order if the keyword is also given. Use --help to confirm this man page is up to date.
input file, in snapshot(5NEMO) format. Default: none.
output file, also snapshot format. If none supplied, the current virial ratio is reported, 1 being the ideal virialized case.
Scale the masses? [default: f].
Scale the positions? [default: t].
Scale the velocities? [default: t].
Only snapshots with time values within times-ranges, which is of the form ts[:te],..., will be scaled and copied. [default: all].
virial=positive ratio
Virial ratio (must be non-negative) to be obtained - rescaling is done such that a virial ratio of |2T/W| is obtained. If no value is given, the old virial ratio is retained [default: not used].


Scaling an already virialized Plummer sphere (see mkplummer(1NEMO) ), and the Faber-Jackson relation, one can also use snapscale(1NEMO) to scale such models, here with a massfraction a:

    mkplummer plum1.dat 10000
    snapscale plum1.dat plum2.dat mscale="$a" rscale="$a**0.5" vscale="$a**0.25"

See Also

snapscale(1NEMO) , hackforce(1NEMO) , snapshot(5NEMO) , units(5NEMO)


It is considered an error when either the potential energy is positive or the kinetic energy is negative. This usually requires the snapshot to be in the center of mass frame. Use snapcenter(1NEMO) if need be.

This program has no intelligence about the shape of the system, and hence does a simple rescaling of the required quantities. It thus works quite well for spherical galaxies.


Peter Teuben


~/src/nbody/trans       snapvirial.c

Update History

12-March-89    V1.0: created              PJT
 6-apr-89    V1.1: added keywords 2t/w (bug?)    PJT
11-aug-89    V1.2: mscale added and logic improved       PJT
29-oct-90    V1.3: fixed decision bug    PJT
11-nov-91    V1.3a: man page clarifications    PJT
18-jul-2012    V2.0:  reporting mode when out= left blank    PJT
13-jun-2022    add snapscale example using Faber-Jackson    PJT

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