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s2reb - convert a NEMO snapshot to a REBOUND SimulationArchive


s2reb [parameter=value]


s2reb converts a NEMO snapshot(5NEMO) to a REBOUND SimulationArchive (RSA). It currently converts all snapshots, use snaptrim(1NEMO) or snapcopy(1NEMO) if you need to pre-select. Currently only mass, position and velocity are converted, the accellerations are still ignored.

Note that following the REBOUND convention, data are appended to any pre-existing output filename (out=) that is specified, counter to the NEMO convention, which refuses to overwrite.


The following parameters are recognized in order; they may be given in any order if the keyword is also given. Use --help to confirm this man page is up to date.
input NEMO snapshot. No default.
output SimulationArchive. No default. Note output will be appended to any existing RSA.


Here is an example of creating a NEMO snapshot, with 9 snapshots of 16 particles in a Plummer sphere configuration, from times 0 to 2.0 in steps of 0.25, and converting it to a REBOUND SimulationArchive.

hackcode1 out=plum16.out nbody=16 seed=16 fcells=2
s2reb plum16.out plum16.bin debug=1

With debug=1 you will also see the times and m, x, vx, ax of the first particle in each snapshot. Otherwise s2reb would be totally silent. (except when warning it will append to an existing RSA)

See Also

reb2s(1NEMO) , reb_viewer(1NEMO) , reb_integrate(1NEMO) , snapshot(5NEMO) , rebound(8NEMO)


NEMO/usr/hannorein/nemo/s2reb.c - source code


Peter Teuben


17-jan-20224    Created        PJT

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