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snapcopy - copy particles of snapshot subject to conditions


snapcopy in=in_file out=out_file [parameter=value] ...


snapcopy copies an N-body system from in to out, subjecting the individual particles to certain conditions.

It should be noted that there are a variety of other programs which can perform copy functions under better circumstances. snapsort will rearrange the order of the particles in the file, after which a number of them can be trimmed of using either snapmask or snapsample. The program snapplotedit is an interactive editor, which allows the user to edit snapshots using polygonic areas in 2D projections of 6D-phase space using the snapplot-interface. It requires a special version of yapp(3NEMO) , which may not be implemented on all systems.


The following parameters are recognized in order; they may be given in any order if the keyword is also given. Use --help to confirm this man page is up to date.
input file, in snapshot(5NEMO) format. [Default: none.]
output file, also snapshot format. [Default: none.]
expression which evaluates to an integer, only particles with non-zero expression will be copied to the output file. The ranking of the particles is copied to the Key array in the snapshot if not all particles were selected. Selecting one body is cumbersome, e.g. select=i==9 to select the 10th body, so a ibody=9 a shortcut is provided for these case (see below).

The default is all particles will be copied. [default: 1].

Only snapshots with time values within times-ranges, which is of the form ts[:te],..., will be copied. [default: all].
Precision of variables to be stored. The default for snapshots is double (double precision), but many snapshot programs now recognize data in single precision format. [default: double]. *** This option is not implemented yet ***
List of items to keep in the snapshot. The list may contain any of time,mass,phase,phi,acc,aux and key.
One body to select. If -1 is given, the select= takes preference. If a nunber 0 or larger is selected, this body is selected. Only one body can be selected. [-1]

See Also

snapsort(1NEMO) , snapmask(1NEMO) , snapplotedit(5NEMO)





~/src/pjt/nbody       snapcopy.1

Update History

12-apr-87    V1.0: document created              PJT
26-sep-89    V1.1: debugged and exported to NEMO    PJT
12-feb-22    V1.4: implemented ibody=    PJT

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