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Rebound documentation is here:


REBOUND is an N-body integrator, i.e. a software package that can integrate the motion of particles under the influence of gravity. The particles can represent stars, planets, moons, ring or dust particles. REBOUND is very flexible and can be customized to accurately and efficiently solve many problems in astrophysics.

REBOUND is a library, and tools will need to be written (typically in C) to create science applications. A python interface is also available.

NEMO has current 4 example programs that are linked with the REBOUND library:

reb2s        convert rebound to NEMO
s2reb        convert NEMO to rebound
reb_integrate    integrate a system and produce a SimulationArchive 
reb_viewer    view a SimulationArchive 


Before NEMO’s rebound tools are installed, rebound needs to be installed within NEMO. A typical install can be:

cd $NEMO/usr/hannorein
make install
cd nemo
make install
The command mknemo -a can also be used to install, since the code lives in the NEMO/usr tree.


NEMO/usr/hannorein/   -  top of rebound + tools source code


Hanno Rein, Shangfei Liu


@ads 2012A&A...537A.128R

See Also

s2reb(1NEMO) , reb2s(1NEMO) , reb_viewer(1NEMO) , reb_integrate(1NEMO)


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Table of Contents