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ads - bibcode for codes with papers on ADS using a @ads markup




@ads $NEMO/man/man1/*.1


Codes with Papers: In 2021 we have started to use the @ads doxygen-like marker in man pages and source code to link a code with a paper using their ADS bibcode. There are plenty of examples in NEMO of codes we keep, that have a corresponding paper where code may not be easily available anymore. The first one we did is in CGS(1NEMO) :

    @ads 2005A&A...433...57T

This reference should then be resolvable via the ADS on:

The idea is that (apart from using grep(1) ) we will have tools that extract these doxygen-like tags and summarize them. Currently the man page entries will have to manually followed up in the usual "FILES" section of the man page to find the source code from the man page. In the case of CGS, this would be in $NEMO/usr/trenti/CGS/

Related to this is how to link software by its name, as suggested in the AASTeX guide for publishing in AAS journals:

     \software{Astropy \citep{astropy:2013, astropy:218}}

The name of a code is not always uniquely determined, but a growing list is available on

An alternative could be a @doi, which for the CGS would be: 10.1051/0004-6361:20041705

During a manual update, the compiled version of all codes with papers

will be on


There are at least two other code and paper linking mechanisms that are in practice:

In amuse each contributed code as the metadata containing a reference to the original author.

In astropy the astropy.__citation__ returns a string

containing the bibtex entry

See Also

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