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usageeta10 - a very short and simple instruction list for ETA 10 users.


After having read usage205(8NEMO) you can continue with this document, as the submission of jobs is very much like that on the 205.

A special command file HACK_ETA.COM, written by the JVNC staff, will do the job for the moment. It operates much like a pep-file, except that the VAX file names of the input files to the treecode (TREEPARS for the parameters and TREEBODI for the initial conditions of the N bodies) will be given to the command file. No PEPPUT is required here (this was just a matter of how the command file was written).

At the moment of writing, being in friendly user period you have to ask the operators to submit the job for you. This is still a highly personalized way of working, and I shall not further discuss it here until a more independant way of submitting jobs has been announced.


Peter Teuben


JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P.ETA]*.COM    eta submit command file(s)
JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P]LOGIN.COM    handy symbols, MicroEmacs (MEM) etc.
JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P]EMACSVARS.    useful rebindings for Emacs
JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P.CODE]CODE*.COM    private edited PEP command files
JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P]JVNC.COM    -just have a look at this one


JVNC went out of business in 1990. Manual page kept for historical reasons.

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Update History

3-jun-88    created after first ETA10 tryout    PJT
9-oct-90    JVNC went out of business            PJT