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usage205 - a very short and simple instruction list for Cyber 205 users.


(1) Get yourself a password on one of the VAXes connected with the JVNC. Your source code, input and output files will all be on one of the many disks on these VAXes. A special set of programs has been developed, by the JVNC staff (?), to submit batch files to the CYBER 205 which will compile and run programs, transfer files, look at the status of a job, etc. These programs are called the PEP programs: their names all start with PEP. Like PEPGET, PEPPUT, PEPTIME, PEPSTATUS, PEPCL, PEPGO etc. Use HELP PEP on the VAX to get more up-to-date information.

(2) Transfer your files over to the VAX to a special directory (prefarably not your root directory). Copy my LOGIN.COM file to give you a few extra UNIX commands, like MKDIR, RMDIR and CD. Usually FTP will be used to transfer files from your host to the JVNC VAX. Otherwise more elaborate programs like KERMIT or XMODEM are also available.

(3) Initialize IN EVERY NEW DIRECTORY you’re going to work with the CYBER 205 the PEP procedures by issuing PEP and follow it’s instructions. This is because PEP must make some INI file for you in that directory.

(4) Compile the source (PEPCL), put the datafiles on the 205 (PEPPUT) and run your program (PEPGO). A simple fortran program TEST.FOR will generate a series of VMS command procedures for compilation (TESTCL.COM generated by PEPCL) and running (TESTGO.COM generated by PEPGO). Of course you, the user, can edit these files later for a more flexible usage of the VAX-Cyber interaction. Type HELP PEP COMMANDS for a complete list of PEP procedures.


Peter Teuben


JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P]LOGIN.COM    handy symbols, MicroEmacs (MEM) etc.
JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P]EMACSVARS.    useful rebindings for Emacs
JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P.CODE]CODE*.COM    private edited PEP command files
JVNCC::DISK27:[TEUBEN1P]JVNC.COM    -just have a look at this one

See Also

update(1NEMO) , cookbook(8NEMO) , usageeta10(8NEMO)


JVNC went out of business in 1990. Manual page kept for historical reasons.

I had problems with emacs, but since I’ve always been a MicroEmacs user, my portable version (MEM) works fine for me. If however, you are going to use the real (supported) version of Emacs, be aware that the operating system (like on most VMS systems) intercepts the ^S-^Q as XON-XOFF, which means e.g. that you can’t (forward) find a string. Even worse, you can’t save a file, since this is ^X^S in emacs. (In MEM it is ESC-Z) I have been able to live with this by using ^R, backwards finding a string, in MEM. The JVNC staff gave me a file with rebindings for EMACS to redefine some of the VMS intercepted control characters.

Another solution is to set on every VMS link you use:
        SET TERM/NOTTSYNC (^S ^Q problem)
        SET TERM/PAST     (^C problem with some connections)

Update History

23-Mar-87    document created             PJT
15-Apr-88    small update                   PJT
9-oct-90    JVNC out of business         PJT