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tldr - (proposed) snippets for tldr in a man page


In 2021 we have started to use the TLDR section in a man page, that can be used by the tldr program.

"TLDR", or "TL;DR", stands for "Too Long; Didn’t Read".

CAVEAT: Only the tsf(1NEMO) program has been tried out.


There are a number of clients available, but to make use of a personal repository like man(1) can do using the MANPATH environment variable is not much implemented?

tldr in python

tldr++ written in go:

See Also

tsf(1NEMO) , ads(5NEMO) , cheat(1)


The tldr++ clients keeps its database in ~/.local/share/tldr/pages, so NEMO could add them to the pages/common,or if configurable, pages/nemo


Peter Teuben

Update History

10-apr-2021    written        PJT

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