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tabzoom - dynamic query table viewer with interactive zoom and action


tabzoom in=table_file [parameter=value]


tabzoom is an interactive program that displays numeric data from an ASCII table in a 2D plot (see also tabplot(1NEMO) and tabview(1NEMO) ), while dynamically querying related columns from the same table, and allowing zooming and performing an action on a selected point. Dynamic Query (DQ) is an effective way to visualize an N-dimensional dataset in 2D. Two variables are selected to be plotted, they can either be directly taken as a column from the table, or computed via a fie(3NEMO) expression involving any column, e.g. "sqrt(%1**2+%2**2)".

Each selected ’column’ can be manipulated using sliders. Between the min (on the left) and max (on the right) of a column, two sliders, called lo and hi can be moved around independantly. lo is a lower limit, and hi the higher limit, for data to be included in the display:

      lo  <  hi                 MIN-------[lo=======hi]--------MAX
      lo  >  hi                 MIN=======hi]--------[lo=======MAX
The lo slider can also be moved to the right of the hi slider, as the diagram shows, in which case the sample will include data between min and hi as well as lo and max. This is like swapping the lo and hi sliders and corresponds to negating the logic of the first case.

Finally, only data are displayed for which the corresponding slider value of all values falls in the selected range. In SQL language, this means all queries are AND-ed.

Note: in this prototype the words slider and column can be used interchangebly.