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s2s - copies selected snapshots from a nemo snapshot file


2s2s [parameter=value]


requires NEMO version 3.0.13 or higher, see


s2s reads from a nemo snapshot file and copies specified data from selected snapshots to another nemo snapshot file. This is very similar to snapcopy(1NEMO) , except that it allows to copy all data supported by falcON (including SPH data). A bodyfunc (5falcON) filter may be applied to reduce the number of bodies copied.


Input file name (nemo snapshot file). Default: required.
Output file name (nemo snapshot file). Default: required.
times=time range(s)
Specifies the times for the snapshots to be converted. In addition to the usual NEMO convention of allowing "all", the values "first" and "last" are also possible. Default: all
filter=bodyfunc expression
A valied bodyfunc (5falcON) expression which evaluates to a boolean. If given, a filter constructed from this expression will be applied before writing data to output. No default.
Comma separated list of parameters required (if any) by the filter. No default.
Boolean specifying whether body data required by the filter, but not present in the input snapshot, shall be set to zero (alternatively the code terminates). Default: f
If given, the time of the output snapshot is set to value. Note that the new time is set after the filter (if any) has been applied. No default
Specifies which data shall be copied. Default: all.

see also

snapcopy(1NEMO) , s2a(1falcON) , a2s(1falcON)


falcON/doc/user_guide.pdf               User Guide for falcON.


Walter Dehnen

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31-Oct-2007    updated (filter, times=first,last) WD

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