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rvc - binary format for N-body snapshot files


fortran record: nbody,ips,aexp,p,dpnp1,dpnfortran record: ibuf(100)fortran
record: r(3,nbody)fortran record: v(3,nbody)


RVC is the format used by Couchman in his A3PM fortran code (see prun(1NEMO) ) to store N-particle data. Be careful when trying to read data, as it may be machine dependant. Within NEMO the unfio(3NEMO) routines may be useful to decode the format. See rvcsnap(1NEMO) for an implementation.

See Also

snapshot(5NEMO) , rvcsnap(1NEMO) , prun(1NEMO) , unfio(3NEMO) , rv(5NEMO)


Peter Teuben

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Table of Contents