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rv - binary format for N-body snapshot files


typedef struct rv_snapshot {
    int   nbody;                /* really: ndark, with nsph=nstar=0 */
    float *mass;        /* mass[nbody] */
    float time;
    float *phase;        /* phase[nbody][2][3]; */


RV is the format used by Ray Carlberg to store N-body particle data. Be careful when trying to read data, as it may be machine dependant. In case the data was written in IEEE, but has the wrong endianism, a simple byte swappign will suffice, for example:
        sun% bswap in=mips out=- len=4 | smooth -rv
will properly import little-endian MIPS data onto a big-endian SUN.

See Also

snaprv(1NEMO) , rvsnap(1NEMO) , snapshot(5NEMO)


Ray Carlberg, Peter Teuben



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3-may-94    man written     PJT

Table of Contents