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maxsizes - parameters limiting code


Most NEMO programs use dynamic memory to allocate arrys and other opjects where it is not practical to know the size of in advance.
NEMO_MAXFD    64    maximum number of files simultaneously open
MAX_COL         256    maximum number of columns
MAX_LINELEN    16384    maximum linelength for ascii files


Various other maximum sizes sometimes creep up in the user interface. The unix shell is a notable example. Each shell can handle a different size. An example is fitsglue(1NEMO) , where a set of files is pasted together into a fits cube. Instead of a long string
    set in=f1.fits,f2.fits,f3.fits,....
    fitsglue in=$in ...
you can also use the macro facility, and create a file with all filenames

    cat file1
    fitsglue in=@in


$NEMO/inc/max/maxizes.h      template, to be copied into $NEMOLIB
$NEMOLIB/maxsizes.h             user maintained to taylor their version of NEMO

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