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fitsglue - catenate fits images into a fitscube


fitsglue [parameter=value]


fitsglue catenates a number of fits files (usually planes) together in a fits cube. It only works for FITS primary header images. It also had rudimentary options to attempt to fix up the WCS of the new fits cube.

If you need to catenate the images in the spatial (1st or 2nd dimension) plane, use ccdmos(1NEMO) .


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input fits files. No default.
Output fits file.
Check for multiple fits files on input? Default: t
Preset NAXIS3 here, or let program scan first. Setting this parameter to 0 will cause it to scan the files first. Default: 0
Compact (move) dummy axes to the end Default: f
Optional list of integers, which if properly used with a template filename in in= can be used to process a large number of input files. This is needed if the shell doesn’t allow you to build large strings that may be needed to pass to in=. Default: not used.
Attempt to add a more decent WCS (first FITS file) to the output cube Default: f.


Catenating three fitsfiles map001.fits, map002.fits and map003.fits can be done in two ways:
    % fitsglue in=map001.fits,map002.fits,map003.fits out=cube.fits
    % fitsglue in=map%03d.fits out=cube.fits inlist=1:3
where the compact second form can be useful if the string length becomes too long for a shell to handle, or too impractical to type. Notice that the in= keyword does not directly support the usual unix wildcard, although an extra pass with sed may be used:
    % set in=‘echo map*.fits | sed ’s/ /,/g’‘
    % fitsglue in=$in out=cube.fits
You can also use NEMO’s macro substitution (see also getparam(3NEMO) ):
    % ls map*.fits > input_files
    % fitsglue in=@input_file out=cube.fits


Header of the resulting cube is quite bare, and the DATAMIN/MAX are probably wrong.

Size of resulting data is not filled to multiple 2880 boundary

See Also

fits(5NEMO) , getparam(3NEMO) , ccdfits(1NEMO) , fitsccd(1NEMO) , ccdmos(1NEMO) , ccdmerge(1NEMO)


Peter Teuben

Update History

28-Aug-96    man page written    PJT
24-feb-98    1.2 added inlist= to process many planes    PJT
20-jun-01    1.3 removed blocking=    PJT
10-aug-02    1.4 added wcs=    PJT
3-oct-02    1.4a flushed 0s to fill to multiple of 2880    PJT

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