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import - import new files as a tar file from remote sites (deprecated)


import.csh tar-file root-dir cp-prog mode


This script is now deprecated, we are now using CVS for source code control

import is currently installed as a shell script import.csh. The first parameter, tar-file, is the name of the tarfile. The second parameter, root-dir, is the root directory name of the package one wants to import to. The directory trees inside the tar file and the package are assumed to be the same. The third parameter, cp-prog, is the name of the program that will be used for copying files from the tar image top the directory where the file is supposed to wind up. Common choices are "cp -p" (which also preserved time stamps) and mv. Note that it is important that timestamps are preserved if your local node also has export running as a Nightly crontab script. The fourth parameter, mode, the the mode the script is run in. A mode of 1 is manual and interactive, with a small menu letter the user browse differences and such of files to be imported [highly recommended]. A mode of 0 lets you run import unattended. Cross your fingers.

The tarfile is renamed with an appending -, to denote that the file has been imported.

The UNIX operating system does not have standard facilities to have multiple versions of a file, like VMS does. If the cp-prog is any of the standard UNIX utilities (mv, cp -p) the old version will disappear. You would have to get a script that saves backup files. A possible way is the submit script (miriad/nemo?) which renames the last file to something of the form .file.versionnumber.

Although the original copies of all import/export files live in $NEMO/src/nemo/adm, the working copies are placed in $NEMO/adm (make adm). Execution of import and export scripts must be from this working directory, as they are not placed in general accessible bin directories in a users search path.

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In $NEMO/src/nemo/adm: original copies, in $NEMO/adm: working copies.

$NEMO/adm    root directory for all local import/export activity
$NEMO/adm/import    imported tar files from other sites
$NEMO/adm/export    exported tar files to other sites
export.csh    export script, often called by Nightly
import.csh    import script, normally called manually
Nightly       script run by cron
crontab       example crontab file to run Nightly
Netrc       file with list of remote sites for export
Last_ntar    time check file, needed by export


Peter Teuben

Update History

2-apr-90    manual written    PJT
6-jul-01    documented its deprecation    PJT

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