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export - export new files as a tar file to remote sites (deprecated)


export.csh root-dir [user(s)...]


This script is now deprecated. We are now using CVS for source code control.

export is currently installed as a shell script export.csh. It’s first parameter is the root directory name of the package one wants to export from. It creates a list of files newer than the timestamp of a checkfile, which are combined into a tar image. This tar image is copied to a number of sites, listed in the Netrc file, using ftp(1) .

Although the original copies of all import/export files live in $NEMO/src/nemo/adm, the working copies are placed in $NEMO/adm (make adm). Execution of import and export scripts must be from this working directory, as they are not placed in general accessible bin directories in a users search path.

The name of the tarfile is of the format mmdddyy.hostname. After a tarfile has been imported by the import script, a dash (-) is appended to the filename.


In $NEMO/src/nemo/adm: original copies, in $NEMO/adm: working copies.

$NEMO/adm    root directory for all local import/export activity
$NEMO/adm/import    imported tar files from other sites
$NEMO/adm/export    exported tar files to other sites
export.csh    export script, often called by Nightly
import.csh    import script, normally called manually
Nightly       script run by cron
crontab       example crontab file to run Nightly
Netrc       file with list of remote sites for export
Last_ntar    time check file, needed by export


Peter Teuben

Update History

2-apr-90    manual written    PJT

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