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history - a brief history of NEMO


NEMO was initially developed in 1986/87 at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) by Barnes, Hut, and Teuben. These a few of my personal notes and reflections on its history.

Say something about ZENO, StarLab, ASC and AMUSE, as they are geneologically related to NEMO.


Taken from the starlab history description:

To some extent, Starlab is modeled on NEMO, a stellar dynamics software environment developed during the 1980s at the Institute for Advanced Study, in large part by Josh Barnes, with input from Peter Teuben and Piet Hut. Starlab differs from NEMO mainly in its use of UNIX pipes, rather than temporary files, its use of tree structures rather than arrays to represent N-body systems, and its guarantee of data conservation in piping. The first Starlab version was written by Piet Hut at Tokyo University in 1989, in the C language. in 1992, Piet Hut, Jun Makino and Steve McMillan adapted the package to C++, and developed its the central engine, Kira, for integrating stellar orbits with individual time steps. Subsequently, Simon Portegies Zwart contributed his SeBa package for stellar evolution, which is directly linked with Kira.


Geneologically AMUSE could be considered the grand-child of NEMO.

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If you want to read up on N-body calculations, here are some selected reviews:

Hockney & Eastwood    Computer Simulation Using Particles, Adam Hilger, New
York (1989).
Sellwood The art of N-body
Sellwood   Galaxy Dynamics
by N-Body Simulation
von Hoerner   How it All Started
Dubinki   Visualizing astrophysical
N-body systems 
Dehnen & Read   N-body simulations
of gravitational dynamics

and comparing N-body models between different codes is discussed in a few papers. some of the data are also discussed in data(5NEMO)

Pythagoras Three Body Problem -
IAU 25-body problem - Lecar 1968
Santa Barbare Cluster Problem 
Hozumi & Hernquist -


Peter Teuben


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