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data - list of various data files in $NEMODAT


Various data files may have been supplied with the NEMO version you have running, and can be found in the directory $NEMODAT. The convention for filename extensions is that ascii files have extension .data, whereas binary filestruct(5NEMO) files have extension .dat, although this is not always strictly enforced. Sometimes both the binary and ascii file may be present, in which case you have to confirm that tsf produces the right result by comparing with the ascii data version.

Some table files are specifically designed for the N-body creation program mkommod.

The environment variable NEMODAT is defined as part of your normal NEMO setup, programs sometimes use this as a default directory to search for data.


iau25.dat    Standard IAU 25-body problem (M. Lecar, Bull.Astr. 3, 91. 1968)
pyth.dat    3-body Pythagorean Problem (e.g. Szebehely & Peters AJ, 72, 876, 1967)
figure8.mpv    a stable figure8 orbit in 3body problem (Chenciner & Montgomery)    Suvakov & Dmitrasinovic (2013) 3body initial conditions periodic
k1isot.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF : wc=1 isotropic velocity distr.
k3isot.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF : wc=3
k5an01.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF : wc=5 anisotropic velocity distr.
k5an02.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF
k5isot.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF
k7an01.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF : wc=7
k7isot.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF
plum.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF: plummer (isotropic)
devauc.dat    Osipkov-Merritt DF: De Vaulouleurs (isotropic)
expmodel.inp    Example table for mkexphot
nbabel    (some) input files from the project
starlab/cube10.dyn    example starlab data (dyn): [makecube -n 10 -s 123]
archive         Archive of interesting N-body simulations
                    (usually a symbolic link to a large local disk)
ExamplesThe starlab dyn format can be converted to a table using the dumbp(1STARLAB)
program, after which it can be converted to a snapshot, viz. 
     dumbp < $NEMO/data/starlab/cube10.dyn | tabcols - > cube10.col
     tabtos cube10.col cube10.dat block1=mass,pos,vel times=0
Note this method does not convert the time, and cannot convert a series of snapshots from a simulation.

See Also

snapshot(5NEMO) , image(5NEMO) , tsf(1NEMO) , rotcur(5NEMO) , dumbp(1STARLAB)

A comparison of eleven numerical integrations of the same gravitational 25 body problem, Myron. Lecar, Bull.Astr. 3, 91. 1968 (in: Colloque sur le problem gravitationnel des N corps). for the Figure-8 orbit - - Three Classes of Newtonian Three-Body Planar Periodic Orbits, Suvakov & Dmitrasinovic (2013) - sample datasets for testing - orbit integrator problem in many languages





~/data       standard repository area for data files.

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