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ccdmos - mosaic a regular pattern of images


ccdmos [parameter=value]


ccdmos started as a quick hack to stitch a set of images into a single large image, with no overlaps or missing data. A list of identically shaped 2D images will be mosaiced row by row (first image in the lower left bottom). The user must supply at least the number of rows or columns, in order to establish the size of the output image.

There are some extra not-yet-implemented keywords by which a cube could be generated.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input filename(s). If a large number of filesa are needed where the shell would complain about exhausting the command line space, use the in=@list macro style that getparam(3NEMO) supports. No default.
Output filename [???]
Number of rows [] Number of rows of input images in the output image. At least one of nx or ny must be given.
Number of columns [] Number of columns of input images in the output image. At least one of nx or ny must be given.
Number of planes. Not implemented yet, but by setting a number > 1 we could support writing cubes out of planes, much like what fitsglue(1NEMO) does.
All images in one file? [f] This would be useful if one big 2D image is to be made out of an image cube. Not supported yet.
Should the list of files be processed row-wise (the current default) or column-wise. Not implemented yet.


Since it was a quick hack, only very rudimentary error checking exists. And of course there are all these not-yet-implemented keywords....


you’re kidding, right?

See Also

fitsglue(1NEMO) , ccdmath(1NEMO) , image(5NEMO)



Peter Teuben

Update History

1-Jul-05    V1.0 Created    NEMO

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