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fake - creating fake data


For many problems you may need to start with fake data, and since there are so many programs in NEMO that can do this, here we list a few common ones to get you started. Much of this information is of course present in the many man pages and manuals, this is just another place to get you started. See also data(5NEMO) for some prepared data file.


A few types of tables:
    nemoinp 1:1000 | tabmath - - rang(0,1) > tab1
    mkplummer - 1000 | snapprint - > tab2
    tabgen - > tab3

See Also

nemoinp(1NEMO) , tabgen(1NEMO) , tabmath(1NEMO) , snapprint(1NEMO) , ccdprint(1NEMO) , orblist(1NEMO) , potlist(1NEMO) , data(5NEMO)


Peter Teuben

Update History

3-jul-2020    drafted        PJT

Table of Contents