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inifien, dofien, dmpfien - expression parser (C)


int inifien(code)char *code;void dofie(pars,n,result,errval)float *pars;int
   n;float *result;float  errval;
void dmpfie()


inifien parses an input string which contains a mathematical formula, given by the string code. It returns the actual number of parameters used. Parameters in the string can be designated by a $ or %, followed by a positive digit. dofien does the actual calculation: pars contains the array of input parameters: an array of parameters 1 are stored in the first n array elements of pars, the second parameters in the second n array elements, until the last, i.e. the inifien-th block of n numbers. The result is stored in the first n array elements of the output array result. If any error occured, the value errval is stored in that particular location. dmpfien is merely included as a debugging aid, it lists the operations which are performed in dofien to output.

The above functions were created for ease of use with NEMO when programming in C. For a full description of the original Fortran/C interface, see fie(3) .

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P.J. Teuben


$NEMO/src/pjt/clib    nemofie.c

Update History

xx-dec-88    original NEMO version adapted from groningen’s fie(3)    PJT
19-jun-89    updated NEMO version to standard F2C interface    PJT

Table of Contents