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dice - create initial conditions of idealised galaxies


dice dice.config


DICE is an open source code modelling initial conditions of idealised galaxies to study their secular evolution, or to study more complex interactions such as mergers or compact groups using N-Body/hydro codes. The particularity of this code is its ability to setup a large number of components modelling distinct parts of the galaxy. The code creates 3D distributions of particles using a N-try MCMC algorithm which does not require a prior knowledge of the distribution function. The gravitational potential is then computed on a multi-level cartesian mesh by solving the poisson equation in the Fourier space. Finally, the dynamical equilibrium of each component is computed by integrating the Jeans equations for each particles. Several galaxies can be generated in a row and be placed on Keplerian orbits to model interactions. DICE writes the initial conditions in the Gadget1 or Gadget2 format and is fully compatible with Ramses thanks to a patch included in the public ramses distribution.


DICE uses ascii files as inputs. There is three kind of files to consider:

DICE configuration files, which are the only argument you should give to DICE.

Galaxy parameters files, which list all the physical parameters of each galaxy you want to build.

Stream parameters files, which list all the physical parameters of each stream you want to build.

Calling DICE should then look like this:

    dice dice.config



See Also

mkplummer(1NEMO) , magalie(1NEMO) , mkkd95(1NEMO)


Valentin Perret


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Table of Contents