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ccdgoat - LV diagram diagnostics


ccdgoat [parameter=value]


ccdgoat computes various galactic LV diagram diagnostics, to investigate asymmetries.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input image file - must be an LV map. The X axis must have GLON, and must be descreasing. If the galactic center is not in/near the center, the program will swap the galactic quadrants such that they are ordered 4,3,2 to 1. No default
Velocity cutoff (in map units, presumably km/s but some maps may use m/s if derived from FITS) for Ndiff table. Default: 0
Temperature (in map units, presumable K) to measure isotherms at for Vdiff. Default: 1.
Mode {goat, int, vdiff, diffmap}. Default: goat


An example of plotting vdiff from fits file, given in m/s, but plotting at a fixed scale in km/s
    fitsccd hiplane.fits - |\
        ccdgoat - - 0 1 vdiff |\
        tabmath - - %1,%4/1000 all |\
        tabplot - 1 2 0 180 -60 60


For LV maps where the galactic center is ’in the middle’ (assumed when the centeral pixel is close to the galactic center or even when Xmin > 0 and Xmax < 0) the northern hemisphere is assumed to be in the first half of the X pixels, and the southern in the second half. They will then be swapped, but one can think of pathological cases where this should not be done.

See Also

hispectrum(1NEMO) , himap(1NEMO)


Brian Sutin/Leo Blitz (original) - Peter Teuben

Update History

31-oct-90    various old ’goat’/vdiff programs merged into ccdgoat    pjt
21-dec-95    manual page written    pjt
22-dec-95       added diffmap       pjt

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