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bsf - benchmark stats on all floating point values in a (binary) structured



bsf [parameters=values]


bsf computes some numbers for all the floating point values in a structured file, which can then be used against previously obtained number in an effort to assert proper regression. Both the testsuite and benchmark scripts use it.

The output will be: mean, rms, min, max and number of points.

This program can be used by users who want to provide some regression in their NEMO scripts. See some EXAMPLES below.


The following parameters are recognized in order; they may be given in any order if the keyword is also given. Use --help to confirm this man page is up to date.
input file name. No default.
If given, this is the resulting string that should have been obtained. Default: none
C-Format string for the 4 floating point values output. [%g]
In some next version this accuracy parameter can control if the regression numbers need to agree within some fraction. Default: not used and not implemented.
By default the input file name is reported, but with label= you can override this. Particularly useful when unix pipes are used.


Here are some examples of the stats of the masses and phase space coordinates of a plummer sphere with 10 particles and seed=123. The last example is to show that the output of %g (the default) and %f do differ.
    mkplummer - 10 seed=123 | bsf -
    0.0140845 0.896875 -4.6523 4.80925 71
    mkplummer - 10 seed=123 | csf - - convert=d2f | bsf -
    0.0140845 0.896875 -4.6523 4.80925 71
    mkplummer - 10 seed=123 | csf - - convert=d2f | bsf - %f "0.0140845 0.896875
-4.6523 4.80925 71"
    0.014085 0.896875 -4.652300 4.809249 71 FAIL
    0.0140845 0.896875 -4.6523 4.80925 71 expected
When you run these with seed=0, you will see the first and last number do not change, because mkplummer by default value centers the snapshot (zerocm=t).

See Also

tsf(1NEMO) , filestruct(3NEMO)




Peter Teuben

Update History

24-Nov-2019    V0.1 Created    PJT
10-dec-2019    V1.0 finalized with label=    PJT

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