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atlas - ASCII format for N-body snapshot files


atlas is an ASCII format used to store multi-snapshot N-body particle data for the atlas in the following form, in ASCII (double precision):
where a particle-data-line contains the following numbers:
 id  mass x y z  vx vy vz  phi rho id_near
The symbols used here are:
  time     (real) the time of the snapshot (in standard Heggie N-body units)
  N        (int)  the number of particles in a snapshot
  i        (int)  identification number (name) of the particle  (1..N ??)
  m        (real) the mass of the particle
  x,y,z    (real) the three position coordinates of the particle
  vx,vy,vz (real) the three velocity coordinates of the particle
  phi      (real) the potential energy per unit mass of the particle (NEGATIVE)
  dens     (real) the density at the particle (method can differ)
  nn       (int)  the identification number (name) of the nearest neighbor
Each file may contain more than one snapshot, multiple snapshots should be separated by a blank line.

See Also

snapatlas(1NEMO) , snapshot(5NEMO) , units(5NEMO)

Atlas of the Gravitational Many-Body Problem, Hut et al.


Peter Teuben

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