This lesson is still being designed and assembled (Pre-Alpha version)

An introduction to NEMO

NEMO: home page introduction


You will need a Unix environment with an interactive terminal (Linux, Mac, Windows/WSL). For plotting you can optionally use X-windows, though PNG or PS files can be created for off-line viewing.

Obviously you will need an installed version of NEMO, though one of the lesson episodes (#3) will install NEMO from scratch if you have its prerequisites (a C/C++/Fortran compiler, the make tool, csh/bash, pgplot, X11). It is possible to install NEMO without a Fortran compiler, and without csh, pgplot and X11, though obviously with less functionality.

Not neccessarely prerequisites, the following Software Carpentry lessons will likely benefit you in your work with NEMO:

  1. The Unix Shell
  2. Extra Unix Shell Material
  3. Version control with git
  4. Automation and Make
  5. Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing
  6. Introduction to High-Performance Computing


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introducing NEMO What is NEMO and how would I use it
00:05 2. Loading NEMO in your Unix Shell How do I use NEMO in a Unix Shell
00:15 3. Installing NEMO How do I install NEMO (can be skipped)
00:30 4. NEMO's command line interface (CLI) How do I use NEMO from the command line
00:40 5. Files and Pipes What kind of files does NEMO use
00:50 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.