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These programs may be organized thematically into broad categories performing different tasks: construct initial conditions, run simulations, analyze and visuialize simulation results, etc. In practice the categories below are somewhat narrower, reflecting the fact that two different data structures are widely used in these programs. A snapshot is used to represent a configuration of bodies in phase-space; in addition to positions and velocities, snapshots may also contain other information. A general spherical profile is used to represent a spherical density profile.

With a few exceptions, the name of a program indicates the kind of data it operates on. The simulation programs all have names ending in the word code; suffixes may be appended to indicate variations. Routines which create general spherical profiles have names ending with the initials gsp, while those which operate on general spherical profiles have names starting with gsp. Likewise, routines which create snapshots usually have names ending with the word snap, while those which operate on snapshots have names starting with snap. (By this logic, routines which construct snapshots from general spherical profiles should have names starting with gsp and ending in snap, but this seemed too wordy; the ending snap is omitted.) Finally, a handfull of programs which operate on any structured file of data have three-letter names ending with the initials sf.

In this listing below, the NEMO functionally equivalent program(s) are listed when available. Programs listed with *** do not yet compile within NEMO.

N-Body Simulation      treecode          Hierarchical N-body code (NEMO: hackcode1, gyrfalcON)
      treecode_x          Hierarchical N-body code (+ ext grav) (NEMO: hackcode3)
      treepeek          *** Peek at contents of state file
SPH Simulation      sphcode_e          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_ea          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_u          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_ui          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_ux          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_ur          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_uo          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_ud          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_uc          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_us          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_uis          SPH/N-body simulation code.
      sphcode_uir          SPH/N-body simulation code.
Snapshot Construction      kepsnap           Compute initial data for 2-body orbit
      makesnap          *** Make a configuration of bodies
      plumsnap          Construct Plummer model (NEMO: mkplummer)
      polysnap          Construct generalized polytrope (NEMO: mkpolytrope)
      snaptestdisk          Make test disk in spherical system
      snapcons          Construct compound N-body system (NEMO: mktestdisk)
      snapstack          Stack two N-body systems (NEMO: snapstack)
General Spherical Profile Generation      expdgsp          Generate "spherical" exp.
      gammagsp          Generate profile for gamma model
      halogsp          Generate profile for halo model
      isothgsp          Generate isothermal halo profile
      plumgsp          Generate profile for Plummer model
      polygsp          Generate profile for polytropic sphere
      snapgsp          Construct GSP from N-body snapshot
      tablegsp          Convert profile table to GSP
General Spherical Profile Utilities      gspadd          Add several density profiles
      gspeval          Evaluate GSP at particle positions
      gsplist          List general spherical profile
      gspsmooth          Smooth mass distribution of GSP
      gspsmoothfit          Fit smoothed gsp to gravitational field
      gsptrun          Truncate mass distribution of GSP
General Spherical Profile Realization      gspdisk           Make exponential disk
in a gsp model
      gspmodel          Make N-body model of GSP
      gsprealize          Construct N-body realization of GSP.
      gspsphere          Make SPH gas sphere from GSP
      gsptestdisk          Make test disk in a gsp halo
Snapshot Assignment      snapaux          Set aux variable in snapshot
      snapkey          Set key variable in snapshot
      snapset          Set body variables in snapshot
      buildmap          Invoke buildmap routine
Snapshot Transformation      snapavg           Calculate averages over time
      snapcenter          Center snapshot on weighted bodies (NEMO: snapcenter)
      snapcollect          Collect info from several frames
      snapforce          Compute forces by direct-sum (NEMO: hackforce)
      snapobject          Identify objects using percolation
      snaprect          Diagonalize weight tensor
      snaprotate          Rotate N-body configuration
      snapsift          Select bodies obeying predicate
      snapsort          Sort bodies by value
      snapsplit          Split snapshot into samples
      snapstream          Emit stream of snapshots
      snaptrak          Track centroids of specified groups
      snapturn          Produce stream of rotated snapshots
Snapshot Analysis      snapcm            Calculate center-of-mass coords (NEMO: snapcenter)
      snaphist          Make histogram of particle data
      snapshape          Estimate ellipticity & r.m.s. radius
      snapstat          Analyze statistics of SnapShot data.
      snaprholist          List spherical density profile
Snapshot Output      snapascii          Convert binary N-body file to ascii (NEMO: stoa)
      snaplist          List contents of snapshot file (NEMO: snapprint)
      snaptipsy          Convert binary N-body file to tipsy (NEMO: snaptipsy)
Snapshot Visuialization      snapppm          Render snapshot as ppm images (NEMO:
snapgrid | ccdppm)
      snapsmooth          Smooth N-body/SPH values onto grid
      snapview          Interactively view SnapShot data. [NEMO: glnemo2]
      viewfile          Construct view file
Structured File Utilities      csf          Copy a structured binary file. (NEMO: csf)
      dsf          Dress binary data as structured file.
      gsf          Grab structured binary files.
      rsf          Read ascii form of structured file. (NEMO: rsf)
      ssf          Strip a structured binary file.
      tsf          Type out a structured binary file. (NEMO: tsf)

See Also

zeno(1NEMO) , gsp(5NEMO)


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