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xcps - Colour PostScript dump facility for X11.4


xcps [-option ...]


The xcps program is a window dumping facility for the X Window System. It dumps windows directly in Colour or B/W PostScript format to standard output. By default, xcps creates Colour-PS. The window to be dumped is defined by clicking the mouse in that window, which can also be the root. A beep indicates that dumping has started. Until this is fininshed, indicated by two beeps, the window should not be changed. The resulting PS-image will contain the window title, if available, the time of creation and the name of the user. For more info check the options.


This causes xcps to print out a verbose message describing its options.
This option indicates that the output should be grayscale-PS for B/W-PostScript printers instead of the default Colour-PS.
This option indicates that the output should be in LandScape mode instead of the default Portrait mode.
This option indicates that the user wants to specify a rectangular area anywhere on the screen to be dumped instead of a complete window. The first corner is defined by pressing a mouse button. While keeping the button pressed, move to the opposing corner. A dragging rectangle, defining the area to be dumped will appear. By releasing the mouse button the second corner is defined.


-display display
This argument allows you to specify the server to connect to; see X(1) .
-x x
Specify x-dimension of dump.
-y y
Specify y-dimension of dump.
If a single window is dumped, include the X-window border.
If a single window is dumped, include the window manager title bar.
Do not draw a frame around the dumped image.
-text comment string
This option specifies a comment string, to be printed above the dumped image. If the comment contains spaces, enclose it within double quotes.
This option specifies that al text (user, date, window) should be omitted.
-name window name
This option indicates the name of the window to be dumped. This avoids the use of the pointer.
Print some debugging information.


xcps -bw -curs > creates a greyscale PS file. The area to be dumped will be defined by the user.

Error Messages

Possible errors messages deal with the simultaneous specification of eg. -curs and -frame or -brds, or dimensions exceeding the physical paper size.


None noted sofar, but according to Murphy’s law there definitely will be some.


The core-code of xcps was created by merging parts of xwd and the PostScript library from MIDAS ((c) European Southern Observatory).


Edwin Huizinga, Kapteyn Lab Groningen (The Netherlands)

xwd: Tony Della Fera, Digital Equipment Corp., MIT Project Athena William F. Wyatt, Smithsonian Astrophysical


MIDAS library: Preben Grosbol, ESO/IPG

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