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waissearch - Simple shell user interface for making WAIS requests


waissearch [-h host-machine] [-p [service-or-port]] [-d database] [-m max-results] word word...


Part of the Wide Area Information Server system.

waissearch makes a WAIS request over TCP/IP.


-h host-machine
Server machine name as a IP name. Defaults to local machine.
-p [ service-or-port ]
Use this port to communicate. If it is not supplied, then z39_50 is used from the services file.
-m max-results
Set the maximum number of results returned for a query. Default is 40.
-d database
The database to use in the query. By convention, many servers support the INFO database.
Print the version number and date of this command.


to query the directory of servers about tcp servers:

waissearch -h -d directory-of-servers \ -p 210 tcp
to ask what tcp databases are supported on a particular server:

waissearch -h -d INFO -p 210 tcp
to ask for information on a database:

waissearch -h -d directory-of-servers \ -p 210 help

See Also

waisserver(1) , waisindex(1) , waisq(1) , xwais(1) , xwaisq(1)

Wide Area Information Servers Concepts by Brewster Kahle.


The diagnostics produced by the waissearch are meant to be self-explanatory.


Table of Contents