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update - combine multiple fortran source files for CYBER 205’s UPDATE


update [hfile1 hfile2 ... hfilen] [-d file1 file2 ... filen]


When using multiple source files, and using the standard ’include’ facility that many compilers offer (unix, VMS), this utility converts these files into one source deck that the Cyber UPDATE facility understands.

The outputfile name is the filename of the last file (filen) with an extension ".UPD". For insanity reasons the output filename is in upper case.

This program has only been tested with fortran source files, since it thinks comment lines start with a ’C’. The C-definition of comments (/* through */) is not implemented here. As long as the word include does not appear in those comments, a C-source deck should also work.


leave out the comments [default: they are left in].
the default extension of the input filenames, in case all filenames have the same extension [default: none, user must supply them]


See remarks on C-source files under DESCRIPTION.

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anchor:/usr/pjt/205/doc/update*       sources and executables


Peter Teuben

Update History

31-Mar-87    created        PJT
22-May-87    include files bug    PJT

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