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uns_projects is a set of programs based on unsio technology. (see


uns_info gives information about an uns snapshot (see man uns_info)
uns2uns converts an uns snapshot to another uns format (see man
uns_tonemo converts an uns snapshot to NEMO format (see man uns_tonemo)
uns_2dplot plots particles positions of an uns snapshot (see man
uns_density computes local density on an uns snapshot (see man uns_density)
uns_addgravity adds acceleration and potential of an uns
snapshot (see man uns_addgravity)
uns_stack stacks two uns snapshot (see man uns_stack)
uns_glindex2nemo saves in NEMO format, particles pos,vel and
mass, selected from a list of particles identifiers stored in a file, and created with glnemo2 program
uns_getradius returns the radius where x% of the particles belong
uns_mover uns version of mover program
uns_barangle detects bar angle of an uns snapshot (experimental
but works fine)

See Also

unsiof, snapshot(5NEMO)


Jean-Charles LAMBERT


05-Dec-11    V1.0 created    JCL
17-Mar-20    V2.0 manual updated    JCL

Table of Contents