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testsuite -


testsuite [options] key=val


testsuite runs a standard number of NEMO programs to excersize a core of frequently used NEMO programs.


force building new binaries for testsuite, and run the test
clean the NEMO directory tree itself of Testfile in/out files by running
force something
install something
dry-run, only show which directories have Testfile’s
query something
cleanup and remove working directory $NEMO/tmp/testXXXXX afterwards
show all the binaries that are needed for each test
run all programs through valgrind. This will make the testsuite run very slowly, and it will be painfull to grep through the logfile.


These are supplied after all options, and take the form KEYWORD=value. All keywords are in upper case, since they are ‘‘makefile’’ macros.
Number of bodies. Should be at least 10 or so, making it less can break some code. Default: 10.
Size of a testimage. Default: 2.


Each Testfile should have a standard number of targets:
help:        report the directory name
need:          report all NEMO binaries needed to run the test
all:           run all tests
clean:         clean up all data files created by "all"


Listing a program in the BIN= macro of the Testsuite is sufficient to test a program when the testsuite is run with the -b flag, but not during a fresh install. For this it must also be added to the BINFILES= (or whichever appropriate) of the Makefile in order to be built.

See Also

mknemo(8NEMO) , need(8NEMO)


Peter Teuben


Testfile                            makefile with testsuite targets
$NEMO/src/scripts/testsuite            script
$NEMO/tmp/testXXXXX                   directory with data and log files

Update History

2-apr-97    V1.0: doc created           PJT
6-jul-01    documented newly added stuff    PJT
24-dec-04    added -v    PJT

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