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stoa, stoa_sp - convert structured binary N-body file to ascii format


stoa in=snap_file out=ascii_file [parameter=value] ...


stoa converts a structured binary file containing one or more N-body frames into an ascii format. Most commonly, stoa is used to generate input files for remote supercomputers. stoa_sp is similar, but uses single precision.

Snapshots which contain diagnostics are ignored.

Another alternative to printing out an ASCII list of body variables is snapprint(1NEMO) .


The following parameters are recognized.
Input data is read from snap_file, which must be in snapshot(5NEMO) format. Default: none.
Converted output data is written to ascii_file. Default: none.
Specifies what data are written to output file; currently one or more of mass, phase, or phi. Default: mass,phase.
Specify output format for integers. Note the extra space in front of the format. Default: %d.
Specify output format for real numbers. Note the extra space in front of the format. Default: %21.13E.

Ascii-205 File Format

The ascii output file will have the following format:

NOBJ                        number of particles [integer]
NDIM                        number of dimensions [integer]
TIME                        time of snapshot [real]
MASS(i)                     particle masses, i = 1...NOBJ [real]
  . . . . .
X(i) Y(i) Z(i)              particle positions, i = 1...NOBJ [real]
  . . . . .
U(i) V(i) W(i)              particle velocities, i = 1...NOBJ [real]
  . . . . .
PSI(i)                      particle potentials, i = 1...NOBJ [real]
  . . . . .

Note that the masses, phase-space coordinates, and potentials are all optional, enabled by the options parameter. This format may be repeated until end-of-file.

See Also

atos(1NEMO) , rsf(1NEMO) , tsf(1NEMO) , snapprint(1NEMO) , filestruct(3NEMO) , snapshot(5NEMO) .


Joshua E. Barnes, Peter Teuben

Update History

 7-Apr-87    V 1.0: created        PJT
11-May-88    V 2.0: created        JEB
9-nov-92    V2.3 make it skip diagnostics    PJT

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