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snapmnmx - show statistics of snapshot variables, optionally output

a single min or max particle


snapmnmx in=snap_in [parameter=value]


snapmnmx produces a table of a number of selected statistics of requested quantities of the bodies in a snapshot. It can also add the selected times to the table.

A special case where out= is given, and either just the min or max was selected of the variable will cause this particle to be output in a single particle snapshot.


The following parameters are recognized in order; they may be given in any order if the keyword is also given. Use --help to confirm this man page is up to date.
Input file, in snapshot(5NEMO) format [no default].
List of data-items for which statistics will be output; any of the bodytrans(3NEM0) functions can be used in an arbitry expression. The order in the table is the order of the variables given within this keyword, within each selected mode (see next keyword). [default: x,y,z].
List modes of output, which can be combined. Valid options are: time, min, max, mean and sigma. Multiple options must be separated by a comma. The columns are printed in the order of the list above. However, the var= is the ‘‘fastest’’ variable of this two dimensional matrix. Example: with the defaults (mode=min,max and var=x,y,z) the program would print xmin, ymin, zmin, xmax, ymax, xmax. [default: min,max].
Time values/intervals of which snapshots should be used. [default: all]
Format string (in the C language notation) of the output numbers. If no space is used in the format description, the program will add one for you. [default: %g (free format)].
If give, this will be the output file of the particle for which the min or max was selected. Only a single particle can be output here.


    # make a Plummer sphere with 100 particles and given seed
    mkplummer p100 100 seed=123
    #  find the min x,y,z and max x,y,z; the bounding box of this model
    snapmnmx p100
    -4.67407 -3.82852 -2.03958 4.78748 2.74591 5.57043
    #  write the particle with min x to a file; it’s the 10th particle
    snapmnmx p100 x min out=p100.xmin
    -4.67407 9
    # show the x,y,z,vx,vy,vz for this particle with min x
    snapprint p100.xmin
    -4.67407 1.09453 0.180351 -0.125468 -0.137605 -0.16439

See Alsosnapstat(1NEMO), snaprstat(1NEMO)  AuthorPeter Teuben  Files
~/src/nbody/reduc     snapmnmx.c

Update History

16-Apr-91    V1.0: created              PJT
13-may-91    V1.1: added time to mode, added more doc    PJT
8-nov-93    V1.2: using moment.h    PJT
17-aug-2022    V1.3: added out=    PJT

Table of Contents