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snaplist - makes a listing of an N-body snapshot file


snaplist in=snap-file [verbose=choice] [maxnum=number]


snaplist lists the basic information about all snapshots it encounters in a file containing standard N-body snapshots. After each particle-containing-snapshot listing the user is prompted for a choice whether or not to continue; when encountering snapsnots without particle listings, their existence is mentioned while continueing the search.

snaplist is not a true NEMO program, since after displaying the appropriate information, it goes into interactive mode, and prompts the user interactively. See snaprint(1NEMO) for a version able to create tables of arbitrary bodytrans(3NEMO) expressions.


The following parameters are recognized; they may be given in any order.
Input data is read from snap-file, which must be in snapshot(5NEMO) format [no default].
The maximum number of particles whose mass, position and velocity is displaced [default: 4].

See Also

snapprint(1NEMO) , snapenter(1NEMO) , snapplot(1NEMO) , snapshot(5NEMO) .


Piet Hut



Update History

28-Nov-86    V1.0: created             PIET
23-Apr-87    V1.1: updated             PIET
10-Jun-88    V1.2: updated          PIET
 7-jul-89    V1.3: updated for new get_snap, keyword verbose gone    PJT

Table of Contents