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getmem, scopy, sconc, substr, findstr - string utilities


#include <stdinc.h>#include <strlib.h>char *getmem(nbytes)      string scopy(source)string
sconc(s1,s2)       string substr(s, p1, p2)  int findstr(text, pat) 
nbytes, p1, p2;
string filename, ext, mode, path, source, s1, s2, text, pat

DescriptionThe strlib package contains the implementations for      several
routines that use dynamically-allocated string       storage.  Since these
routines tend to fill up memory,       this package is not suitable for
use in applications         which will run for extended periods or which
require         tight memory control.  Nonetheless, this package does  
     provide an easy-to-use interface which is applicable         to a wide
range of programs.                                 getmem() is exactly like
malloc(3) except that (1) it   checks for no memory errors, and (2) it
is defined to take   an integer rather than an unsigned to keep lint(1)
happier. If no memory could be allocated, error(3NEMO) is called. 
copies the string source into  dynamically-allocated storage.  
sconc  concatenates
two strings s1 and s2 and returns the result in dynamically-allocated storage.

substr() returns the substring of s extending from the integer    indices
p1 and p2 (inclusive).  The following edge cases     apply:            
      if p1 < 0 then p1 <- 0;                                
      if p2 > strlen(s) then p2 <- strlen(s);                
      if p1 > p2 then return "";                             

findstr searches for the string pat in text and returns the first index at which it appears, or -1 if no match is found. This function executes a simple compare and advance algorithm (see e.g. K&R1 p.67), and is inappropriate if text contains a very long string.


Eric Roberts


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