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Name - simple sbatch frontend for NEMO scripts

Synopsis -r runfile args ... -x scriptfile args ... 

Description is a simple frontend that can make it easier to submit an existing script, or series of commands from a run-file, to a SLURM based system using sbatch(1) .

Some flexibility is allowed by using a local sbatch_nemo.rc parameter file in which the following parameters can be modified (the defaults are listed here):

#                                        probably don’t change this
#                                        prefix to run
prefix="/usr/bin/time xvfb-run -a"
#                                        sbatch run file
#                                        max sbatch time 
#                                        max memory used


The current version only allows for single core codes.


Here is a single explicit NEMO command

  % -x $NEMO/scripts/csh/ run=run_bench yapp=ps      - use scancel JOBID to kill this one, JOBID is:
  Submitted batch job 40887
This will have created a file that was submitted with sbatch(1) , and a logfile

This benchmark took:

   zaratan    9.50user 0.22system 0:13.38elapsed 72%CPU   (on scratch) [AMD EPYC
   t480        13.07user 0.19system 0:13.17elapsed 100%CPU [i7-8550U]
   dl5420    7.54user 0.09system 0:07.64elapsed 99%CPU [i7-1185G7]

See Also

sbatch(1) , slurm(1)


Peter Teuben

Update History

21-sep-2022    man written        PJT

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