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s2g - converts nemo snapshots to gadget data file(s) using falcON


2s2g [parameter=value]


requires NEMO version 3.0.13 or higher, see


s2g reads nemo from a nemo snapshot file and writes each snapshot into a separate file in gadget data format 1.


Input file name (nemo snapshot file). Default: required.
Base file name for gadget snapshot data file(s). Default: required.
Specifies which data shall be copied to gadget data file(s). Default: mxvkU, Maximum: mxvkURHap.

A gadget data file must at least contain positions, velocities, keys (ids), masses (if not specified via the header), and internal gas energies. In addition it may contain gas densities, gas smoothing lengths, potentials, and accelerations. All data specified by the IOstring will be written, but at least mxvkU and at most mxvkURHap. If some data were not present in the nemo snapshot, zero values will be substituted.

times=time range(s)
Specifies the times for the snapshots to be converted. If times=="first", only the first snapshot in the nemo snapshot file is converted. Default: first
Specifies the running index of the first gadget snapshot file. If times!="first", output will be made to the files fbaseXXX where XXX labels the snapshots, starting at first. Default: 0
If true, a warning is issued if data need to be zeroed. Default: f
Size (in bytes) of the FORTRAN record header to be used in writing the gadget files. For compatibility, this should usually be 4, but on some 64bit machines, gadget may require 8. Default: 4.

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falcON/doc/user_guide.pdf               User Guide for falcON.


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