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qtrun - automatic GUI builder and frontend to run shell scripts or



qtrun [-option value...] script


qtrun presents an interactive graphical user interface to a shell script or program that conforms to a ‘‘key=val’’ interface.

It is based off tkrun(lNEMO) , and supposed to be mostly compatible with it. A few format enhancements were proposed for qtrun. See "TKRUN V2" below.


The following options parameters are currently recognized.
-h, --help
-d, --debug
-v, --version
show version

Tkrun V2

In version 2 of this format we have implemented this via this new python based qtrun Here the format can be run via bash, csh and python in the
    key=val  # help    #> GUI
specification, but the client software (bash/csh/python/....) is responsible to properly parse the key=val command line arguments. Here are the proposed

GUI tags with generic key=val/help sections

in=foo # input file #> IFILE
out=bar # output file #> OFILE
text=hello # some text #> ENTRY
mode=gauss # the mode #> RADIO gauss,newton,leibniz
stats=mean # what to show #> CHECK sum,mean,sigma,skewness,kurtosis
n=3.141592 # the n value #> SCALE 0:10:0.01
k=3.141592 # k, use n #> LINK n

See Also

wish(1) , zenity(1) , qtun(1NEMO) - development version 


Kylie Gong, Peter Teuben


~/.tkrunrc    (optional) global configuration file
$run.key    keyword file in which key=val pairs are maintained
$NEMO/scripts/templates     example templates of key=val parsing


aug-2023    experimental version released    KG/PJT

Table of Contents