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pedit - parameter editing on a file


pedit parfile [options] key=val ...


pedit helps you create a new parameter file based on a template by replacing the values of selected parameters. The result is shown on stdout.

The sad state is that for parameter file conventions there are many options, many of which this program hasn’t implemented.


This will assume the lines are bash style key=val (no spaces allowed)
This will overwrite, and not use stdout
This reverse format allows editing
      value = keyword = COMMENTS
style parameter files. The lone example I know that uses this format is hochunk3D.


   % pedit $NEMODAT/Bbarolo/model0_3dfit.par FITSFILE=out.fits OUTFOLDER=out.3dfit
INC=40 > qout.3dfit.par
   % pedit lmtoy_79448.rc -e -o slice=[-100,100]
   Overwriting lmtoy_79448.rc
   % pedit mctherm.par -r -e NP=40000 NPMIN=10000 > run_bench/mctherm.par

Here is a very peculiar example from the hochunk3D program, which uses a "value = keyword = comment" format, plus once defined, never overwritten style. COmments not allowed (yet)

  ’ =================== Parameter file ===================’
  ’**** Preliminaries ****’
  40000000 = NP = Number of photons from central star
  ’../parfiles’ = PARDIR = directory containing atmosphere, dust, and filter

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Peter Teuben


$NEMO/src/scripts/pedit    python script

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jul-2019    created                PJT
30-may-2020    finally documented           PJT
17-feb-2021    options after parfile,    added -e, -o    PJT

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