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newcmp - compare sourcecode within two directory hierarchies


newcmp [options] dir1 dir2


newcmp compares the files in two directory hierarchies on a one-to-one basis using standard diff(1) (or tkdiff(1) , if the -tk flag is given). Each file in dir1 is compared to its corresponding file within dir2, but not the other way around. For this the program needs to be re-run with the directory arguments swapped.


count different files, don’t difference them indivually. This will produce output as in:
        Counted 5 / 23 files different
which means 23 files were found under dir1, of which 5 were found to be different in dir2.
also report missing files in dir2. Normally they are sillently skipped. The will produce output as in:
        Found 3 files that were not in ....
use tkdiff instead of diff.
-s N
start at difference file N instead of 1. Useful if you re-run the script and want to skip first N-1 differences.
-1 list
take dir1

See Also

diff(1) , tkdiff(1) ,


Peter Teuben


$NEMO/src/scripts/newcmp            script

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