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nemoplot - plot a table with self-describing PLOT command(s)


nemoplot table_file [key=val] ...


nemoplot will plot a data table using NEMO commands that are embedded as comments in the table.

Since NEMO ascii tables (see table(5NEMO) ) can contain #-style comments, we allow (NEMO) commands to be embedded with a special ’#PLOT’ line, making such tables somewhat self-plotting.

Although nemoplot is a great way to self-plot a table, NEMO’s plotting routines are arguably not publication quality, and a followup python/matplotlib script may be needed.

The xmgrace(1) program has a similar approach, combining data and the commands to produce the plot all in a single file, referred to as a Grace Project File (*.agr).


Except for the first parameter, subsquent parameters must be key=val, and cannot be abbreviated.
This needs to be the first parameter, without a keyword, and must be an existing file (normally an acii table). No default
Pick which plot# to run (0 means show all, 1 execute the first, etc.) [1]
Name of bash script to run plots, which will be created. [tmp$$]
means clean up bash script, 0 means keep it [1]
Override any potential yapp(5NEMO) setting from the one used in the script. Unlike in a normal NEMO command line parser, here we allow keywords to be given multiple times, the last one set will be the one used. [Default: not used]


Any ’#PLOT’ commands will likely refer to a table filename, which must be in the current (or correct) directory.

This is a simple bash script, the CLI does not adhere to the usual getparam(3NEMO) conventions.


An example from the nemoplot repository:
    cd $NEMODAT/nemoplot
    nemoplot plot=2
and here an example how to make such a table from scratch
    nemoinp 1:10 | tabmath - - ’sqrt(%1),%2+rang(0,0.1)’ > tab1
    echo "#PLOT tabplot tab1 1 2,3 line=1,1,0,0 color=2,3 point=0,0,2,0.1" >>
    nemoplot tab1

See Also

nemo(1NEMO) , yapp(1NEMO) , tabplot(1NEMO) , tabhist(1NEMO) , grace(1)


Peter Teuben


$NEMO/src/scripts/nemoplot    (bash) script
$NEMODAT/nemoplot/          directory with example nemoplot files

Update History

16-aug-2022    Created        PJT

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