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nemopars - extract parameters from a bash-style rc file


nemopars par1,par2,... rc1 rc2 ...


nemopars will extract the values of par=val constructs in a bash-style rc file (it will also support python assignments). The convention is that in a run directory NEMO stores these in a nemopars.rc file. For example with the following rc file
# ./ version=11-aug-2022
run=run0 m=1 v0=1 seed=-3
the command
   nemopars m,v0,m16 run0/nemopars.rc
would result
   # m v0 m16
   1 1 0.815569

When many simulations each in their own run directory, a command line

   nemopars m,v0,m15 run*/nemopars.rc

would be a quick way to assemble a table summarizing these three parameters


This is a simple python script, the CLI does not adhere to the usual getparam(3NEMO) conventions.

When a parameter is missing (or mis-spelled) from the rc file, the value "nan" is printed instead.


The current rc file is rather bash specific and allows multiple parameters on a line, as bash does.

Multi-word string variables are not captured, viz.

See Also

nemo(1NEMO) , nemovar(1NEMO) , awk(1)


$NEMO/src/scripts/nemopars    (python) script


Peter Teuben

Update History

17-aug-2022    Created        PJT
16-nov-2022    Print "nan" when parameter missing    PJT

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