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nemodir - introduction to NEMO directory structure


The NEMO directory structure is modeled somewhat after the UNIX directory structure, with the environment variable $NEMO being the root directory.


Show settings of environment variables and NEMO’s hidden system command line parameters. [default: f].


The NEMO filesystem
$NEMO/            -- toplevel directory
    inc/            -- include (.h) files for compilation
    lib/            -- library (.a, .o) files for compilation
    bin/            -- executable files
    man/            -- manual pages
        man1/        -- . for programs
        man3/        -- . for functions
        man5/        -- . for data
        man8/        -- . for administration
    text/            -- various other docs and manuals on NEMO
    src/            -- sources, per topic
    usr/            -- sources, per contributing user
    data/            -- online data files
    adm/            -- recent imports and exports
    csh/            -- example shell scripts

See Also

programs(1NEMO), files(1NEMO)
The NEMO Users/Programmers Manual -- Appendix D.

Update History

xx-xxx-86    created      JEB
18-Mar-87    updated for new /usr/guinness fileserver    PJT
xx-apr-88    program nemo now really exists    PJT
29-jan-93    renamed nemo.1 to nemodir.8    PJT

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