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mpfit - a MINPACK-1 Least Squares Fitting Library


int mpfit(mp_func funct, int m, int npar, double *xall, mp_par *pars, mp_config
*config, void *private, mp_result *result)
int myfunct(int npt, int npar, double *par, double *deviates, double **derivs,
void *private)


mpfit uses the Levenberg-Marquardt technique to solve the least-squares problem. In its typical use, MPFIT will be used to fit a user-supplied function (the "model") to user-supplied data points (the "data") by adjusting a set of parameters. MPFIT is based upon MINPACK-1 (LMDIF.F) by More’ and collaborators.

This document is merely a placeholder and link to the full online documentation. See below.

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Original public domain version by B. Garbow, K. Hillstrom, J. More’

Tranlation to C Language by S. Moshier (

Enhancements, documentation and packaging by C. Markwardt


~/src/kernel/misc      mpfit.c

Update History

9-dec-09    Added to NEMO, tested in tablsqfit    PJT
20-aug-2013    Updated to their 1.2 (nov 2010) version    PJT

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