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mkdehnen - initial conditions from a Dehnen model (public version)


mkdehnen [parameter=value]


requires NEMO version 3.0.13 or higher, see


mkdehnen creates N-body initial conditions from an isotropic Dehnen (1993) model, which has density
              3-gamma            M * r_s
    rho(r) = --------- -------------------------------,
                          gamma           (4-gamma)
                4*Pi     r      * (r + r_s) 
with total mass M and scale radius r_s.
parameters out=file The initial conditions are written in NEMO snapshot
format to file. If file=-, output is made to stdout. Default: required. nbody=num
The initial conditions will contain num body masses, positions, and velocities.
Default: required. gamma=val The inner logarithmic slope of the Dehnen model
is set to val. Default: required. mass=val The total mass of the Dehnen sphere
is set to val. Default: 1. r_s=val The scale radius of the Dehnen sphere
is set to val. Default: 1. seed=num We will use num as seed for the (pseudo-)
random number generator. If num=0, a unique new seed is created from the
current value of the time, otherwise, the seed actually provided is used.
Default: 0. q_ran=t|f If true, we use quasi-random rather than pseudo-random
numbers for drawing position and angles in velocity space. Pseudo-random
numbers are still used in the rejection-method to draw the total velocity
from the DF. Default: f. time=val The simulation time associated with the
initial conditions is set to val. Default: 0. f_pos=val The fraction of bodies
with positive sense of rotation about the z-axis is set to val. Default:
0.5. rmax=val If given, only bodies with radius < val are created. No default.
WD_units=t|f If true, units for mass and r_s will be taken as solar mass
and kpc, respectively, but output units will be in kpc (positions), kpc/Gyr
(velocities), and 222288.47 solar masses (implying Newton’s G=1). Default:
f.  see alsomkplum(1falcON), mkking(1falcON) 
Dehnen, W., 1993, MNRAS, 265, 250

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Walter Dehnen                    
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