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mass99 - binary format


mass99 is the binary format used in the MASS99 (Many-body Astrophysical Simulation Software) package their N-body codes. It typically only outputs a fraction of the particles used in the integration, and does not contain velocity information. Instead, two adjacent snapshots are used to construct velocities. A sample implementation of converting this format to snapshot(5NEMO) .


The perl script quick_tipsy comes with the MASS99 package and used reduce99 to convert the mass99 file to a standard (ascii) tipsy(5NEMO) format.

Here’s another simple recipe to convert a MASS99 file to tipsy format:

    % cp some_data.mass99 outfile.0000
    % reduce99 input=mass.input tipsy=y
    % cp ducky.0000 some_data.tipsy

See Also

snapshot(5NEMO), tipsy(5NEMO), quick_tipsy(1MASS99)


J. Wallin, S. Antunes, J. Harrell, S. Milder, G. Page, and J. Waltz (2003)

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