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layout - layout command for YAPP interpreter


A layout file is a simple ASCII text file, with commands to execute basic yapp(3NEMO) routines. See layout(3NEMO) for routines how to interpret and execute these files.

They can be useful for a more rich annotation of standard plots made with programs such as snapplot(1NEMO) and tabplot(1NEMO) , normally via their layout= keyword.


init device xmin xmax ymin ymax
Name of graphics device and optional parameters, if any choice at all, and the graphics plotting area in cm. (Standard plotting area is 20cm by 20cm).
Close graphics device.

ltype width pattern
0 will not change the current value. width: 1 thin and increasing thickness. pattern: 1 is solid, subsequents are graphics device dependant, but typically dashed, dotted etc.

line x y
Draw a line from current point to (x,y) [units in cm]

move x y
Move the current point to (x,y) [units in cm]

color i
Set current color from 0 to plncolors-1 (an integer)

point a b
Draw a point at (x,y) [units in cm]

circle x y s
Draw a circle at (x,y) with size s [units in cm]

cross x y s
Draw a cross at (x,y) with size s [units in cm]

box x y s
Draw a square box at (x,y) with size s [units in cm]

just i
Set text justification to i. -1 is left, 0 centered, and +1 right justified.

text s x y h a
Plot a string text (enclose in double quotes if spaces are required) at (x,y) with character height h [all units in cm] and at angle a degrees, counterclockwise from the positive X-axis.

A comment.


Here is an example (see also $NEMODAT/yapp.layout) layout file:
move 10 10
line 10 15
color 2
cross 5 5 1
color 3
circle 15 15 1
color 4
box  5 15 1
point 15 5
text "Yapp Yapp" 10 10 0.5 30


There are some more commands, but see yapp(3NEMO) .


src/kernel/misc/layout.c    source code dat/yapp.layout example

See Also

layout(3NEMO) , yapp(3NEMO) , mgl(5) , mglview(1)

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