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iofits - convert FITS from a pixel depth to another without rescaling


iofits [parameter=value]


iofits converts FITS files of any pixel depth to another pixel depth (bits per pixel). Depth is given as in the FITS norm :
     *     8 bits per pixel, unsigned.
     *     16 bits per pixel, signed
     *     32 bits per pixel, signed
     *     -32 IEEE floating point
     *     -64 IEEE double precision floating point


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input FITS file. No default.
Output FITS file. No default.
requested output BITPIX value. Valid are 8, 16, 32, -32 or -64. No default.


In general, decreasing the resolution in number of bits per pixel almost always means loss of precision. No rescaling is done on the data, use this command with care!


See Also

ccdfits(1NEMO) , fitsccd(1NEMO) , fits(5NEMO)

Data Files

Input/output files shall all comply with FITS format.

The original FITS header of the input FITS file is con- served along, except for the following keywords: NAXIS, NAXISn, BITPIX, BSCALE, BZERO, which are related to the newly created file.


N. Devillard (ESO, within the eclipse package), P. Teuben (NEMO adaptation)

Update History

30-Apr-03    V1.1 NEMO adaptation    PJT

Table of Contents